The Voice of Spirit Holistic Wellbeing Centre

Where It All Began

Growing up I had no reason to think about death or what really happens when we die and to be honest i guess it was because I was scared of the term death I grew up blessed as I had not had to deal with death on a personal basis. That was until 2006 my father passed away unexpectedly which became the first death I had to deal with I was fourteen years old when we got the news and my whole life changed from there. A few weeks passed after saying goodbye to my dad when things started to really effect me I began to hear the voices and was able to hear my fathers voice which comforted me but left me reluctant to tell my family as we were all struggling with life without Dad. The very first time I heard the voice was late evening I was sat in my bedroom chatting to friends online when I heard my name whisper in the air I stupidly replied yes thinking mum or my little brother stuart called me until I heard “its me son dad I am still here I am ok” – that voice was my dads exactly as it was when he lived I was shocked but felt so happy he was still around. I kept this experience to myself for weeks with my dad giving me messages every so often. Things started to develop. I would be in town with members of my family and as they stopped to speak to people the voices would come this time voices I did not recognise it was spirits of the people gran and mum were talking to.

After a medium telling my mum from my dad that I can hear the voices and can do her job she asked to train me- I spent three nights a week in spiritual church and development just before I turned fifteen and I loved it. I became stronger and the voices were at times clearer.

After many years developing and understanding my new ability I decided to open my own spiritual church and holistic centre in greenock as I noticed the town did not have one. I spent days going through my head as to what to call the centre then on a bus heading to greenock my dad said to my son how did this all begin ? Then it clicked it was the voice of spirit that started and there fore I named my centre “The Voice of Spirit”.

What The Voice of Spirit Aims To Achieve

The aim of the voice of spirit centre os to promote and educate life after death to help heal and support those who are grieving. To allow others develop and understand their own gifts underneath right guidance. The voice of spirit is open every Monday evening at 7 m for the church service where a guest medium will demonstrate mediumship delivering messages from spirit and enlighten us with a spiritual address.

At the voice of spirit we have some workshops and classes from meditation and relaxation to psychic development and mediumship training we invite tutors from all over to teach in the centre.