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Dominic Boag is one of the UK’s finest Psychic Mediums. Dominic has been taking his events to audiences across the United Kingdom. Dominic is the Scottish Sun’s Psychic and writes his own column named “Second Sight”. Dominic is a rising psychic star within the UK and will be taking his events to all over the world in the hope of bringing comfort to as many people as possible. Dominic is a firm believer in holistic and mental wellbeing and has his own spiritual centre where his aim is to provide the missing link between you and your loved ones.


Sat 19

Renfrew 19th of August 2017

August 19 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Tue 22

Glasgow 22nd of August 2017

August 22 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Thu 24

Rutherglen 24th of August 2017

August 24 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Private Readings

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A one to one reading allows Dominic to fully use his ability to communicate with your loved ones in a more in-depth and detailed way. It allows Dominic to focus on you and your loved ones that have crossed over within a relaxed environment together with the spirit world he will deliver the messages from spirit helping you know that they are still with you and that they are not gone.

Dominic’s down to earth character will have you feeling at ease as he welcomes your loved ones to blend with him as he begins to understand the story of their life in which he will relay to you specific details and information to validate the communication. Always trying to push the barriers Dominic leaves no stone unturned and strives to gain the most accurate information from the spirit world.

A private reading is a personal and intimate experience in which you will have Dominic’s full attention fully focused on your spirit family and friends hoping to help piece together hearts.

Psychic Development Classes

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Dominic has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the spirit world and how mediumship works. Dominic loves to share his understanding and has developed techniques that help others tap into their own gifts.

Workshops and classes with Dominic look at all aspects of spirit communication they are fully interactive and always fun. Dominic’s warm nature will have you feeling confident, at ease & ready to learn.

We all have to start somewhere so wether you are a complete beginner or a working medium, Dominic looks at each individual and guides them on the points he sees weak and pulls out the strengths to help show you that the ability is already there.

With a modern twist Dominic’s self developed exercises are like no other as he has spent many years developing with the spirit world a range of methods.

Find your local development class today and learn from Dominic he may have the missing piece to your jigsaw.

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